It's going to get crazy.

I'm sorry for my messy room!


Be stunning

I bought the Italien Vogue today, and I have found this wonderful shoot photographed by Steven Meisel. I love the blurry style and the model is beautiful. I'm sorry for the bad quality, my scanner is old.


Don't look for heroes, be one.

Yesterday I gave a party. 24 people, all dressed like maniacs. As you can see, I was superwoman! Great party great night!


It's my party!

It was my birthday last Sunday! So I gave a little party.
My big pary is 13 march! And I'm going to dress like superwoman!


Lowlands baby

I wanted to start all over because I didn't like my blog. I ordered my Lowlands ticket
yesterday and it feels so good! The first names are Blink-182, Richie Hawtin and Admiral